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OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary is 5.3 acres of love, home to a herd of rescue goats, owners Mark Durfield and Angelina Bellebuono, and a miscellany of other beings. OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary provides education, outreach and experiences based in nature and self-exploration, inspired by the belief that awareness of self and the living world is a fundamental step in creating a more peaceful, loving world. OakHaven Farm welcomes everyone, yes everyone, who comes with heart and mind ready for love, kindness, compassion and magic.

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Joy concoctress & magic seeker.


Angelina is collector of story, wonder & awe.


She searches the natural world for magic, poetry and beauty, and savors sharing it more than simply finding it. She cherishes connection between humans, exploration of self, and finding meaning in the everyday, whether inviting joy in a moment beneath bluesky morning or tucked in the golden light of conversation on a graycoat afternoon.

Angelina invites everyone to open, to soften, to wonder-wander, to listen.

Builder of dreams & heavy lifter.


Mark is maker of things that matter, and fixer of things we need.


He is support and structure and guidance. He is mystic and musician and transporter of goats and dreams. He prefers the open fields and candlelight, incense and rock & roll. He is electric guitar and star-gaze.


Mark invites everyone to seek peace, to find comfort, to feel alive.


An 1880s farmhouse and a few acres (a bit overgrown with love, Georgia weather and benevolent neglect— no perfectly paved paths or manicured lawn found here), a hodge-podge collection of misfit, much-loved goats and flocks of chickens, two hounds scared of their own shadows, a love-cat and a wandering-cat, an MVP livestock guardian dog, and two humans.


We are the beings, but the land is our sanctuary, our truest home. The tangle of trees, the sway of pasture grasses, the hint of sky flickering between leaf-flutter, the weeds wild and the earth rich, dense, grounding.


Wings and light. Dreams on the edge of pasture.


OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary is peace, solace and a lace-edged whisper of {rebellious} whimsy.


{part one, field studies}




eighteen are pastured in the field, nearest the road. passers-by see their brownblackwhite bodies sunsoaking, grazing, sometimes fencestuck even.

yet cursory 45-mile-per-hour-drive-by glances fail to reveal the truths of splithooves and horns and afternoon naps unfolding above grasses, beneath sky.


[excerpt from goatballad: a pasture hymn]

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