We stumbled into the SERENITY.

The WHIMSY found us.

MAGIC must be shared.


Beneath the oak trees, underneath sky, among grasses and
the rustling of hens and the purring of cat, there is peace in this old farm.
Whether you seek gentle moments of joy, softening,
heart-opening whimsy or settling into the magic and wonder
of the natural world, you are welcome here.

All experiences are custom designed and by appointment. We create these experiences specifically for groups, families or individuals, with healing, outreach and love being our primary focus.

  • Farm visits: Meet the goats, the livestock guardian dog, the hens and their roosters, the farm cat Floyd, and all the natural beauty that comprises the farm's magical and mysterious medicine.

  • Healing and creative expression sessions (1 hour to full day): Suitable for a group of 2-6 people

  • Guided pasture meditations (1 hour): Walking moving or seated meditation experiences

  • Exploration of intuitive self through land, animals and the natural world (2 hours to full day)

Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.

All funds collected from on-site visits, customized healing or awareness-focused experiences, art and farm-magic product sales are used to support the ongoing efforts at the sanctuary, with specific attention to the care and management of the goats (i.e. veterinary bills, hay and shelter expenses).