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"He could tell by the way ANIMALS walked that they

were keeping time to some kind of music.

Maybe it was the SONG in their own hearts that

they walked to."

―Laura Adams Armer

At OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary, we foster peace & harmony
through education, outreach & experiences with the natural world,
the land, and the animals that dwell among us.

Located just outside of Rutledge, Georgia, 45 minutes east of Atlanta, OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary operates from a rag-taggle 1880s farmhouse and features 5.3 acres of love, hope and a touch of whimsy.


{there are goats, after all}

Home to a herd of rescue goats, most arriving as bottle-babies from nearby farms, each of this misfit herd is named, beloved and very wise. They are seekers of connection, with tales to spin and stories to tell.


The herd shares their pasture with their dedicated livestock guardian dog, Waylon, whose night vigils protect his  squash-bellied browsers, and whose dream-drenched, shade-soaked mid-day naps are the envy of all who meet him.

Owners Mark Durfield and Angelina Bellebuono share their days with this herd of misfit goats, two rescue hounds that sometimes respond to the names Bess and Moses, a pair of rogue roosters and their flocks of wandering and wondering laying hens, Floyd the cat, and many other magnificent creatures seen and unseen that inhabit this place named OakHaven Farm.

OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary offers education, outreach and heart-centered experiences based in nature and self-exploration, inspired by the belief that awareness of self and the living world is a fundamental step in creating a more peaceful, loving world.

Through tours, workshops, circles, volunteer experiences and one-on-one sessions, visitors to the farm are immersed in the subtle, beautiful magic of the natural world, and introduced to the subtle realm of what life looks like from the pasture by the road.

Experiences and activities for small groups, families and individuals are offered at the farm throughout the year and by appointment. Whether visiting on an open farm day or attending a workshop or tour, visitors learn about curating joy, gratitude, awe and wonder, walking meditations and celebratory rituals, making art about and from the natural world, and exploring self and nature with writing, movement, song, story and music.


Outreach off-site from the farm includes offering workshops for schools and community groups that build upon the tenets of OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary: pasture, magic, and harmony.

OakHaven Farm celebrates all living beings and the earth we call home.  Everyone is welcome.

Update August 2021 - please note that we are not currently able to take visitors at the farm, nor are we in a position to take in any additional animals to the sanctuary. If you have questions about goats or need help with rehoming, we will be happy to talk with you based on our experiences. We have many local goat owner contacts and a fair amount of knowledge regarding treatment of common goat ailments. We will be happy to help. Use the CONTACT page to leave us a message and we will respond as we are able. Thank-you.


settle into a sense of place, nurture an awareness, a deeper, wider understanding of the natural world - the plants, the animals, the land.

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