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David Bowie

July 2016

October 2022

Bowie came to us in July 2016 from a friend's farm. Bowie and his sister got separated from their mother on a very hot day and were both dehydrated and sick. Despite our best efforts, Bowie's sister passed. Bowie came to live at OHFGS and grew to be one of our friendliest goats. He loved attention. Bowie got a bad case of kidney stones due to over indulgence on baking soda and had to have emergency surgery. We actually drove him to the UGA Veterinary Hospital at midnight during hurricane Michael. He made it through and lived four more years with an altered urinary tract (which made him a bit smelly). The operation was problematic and he often had issues with infection. He finally passed in October 2022. 

Image Copyright 2020 - Angelina Bellebuono

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