Charlie Louvin

July 2012

Charlie, along with his twin brother, Ira, holds the distinction of being the only goats successfully born on the farm. Maybelle is Charlie's mother and she dropped both bucklings with perfection. Either Gram or Townes is Charlie's father. Charlie has his mother's horns, while his brother has horns similar to their father. Until recently, Charlie was a gentle and affectionate goat that was always the first to greet visitors. In spite of his being a whether,  Charlie has recently come into his own as a "neutered buck" and is quite the romancer of the ladies. He has grown a magnificent beard and his horns curl skyward.

Image Copyright 2020 - Angelina Bellebuono


OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary is 5.3 acres of love, home to 16 rescue goats, owners Mark Durfield and Angelina Bellebuono, and a miscellany of other beings.
OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary provides education, outreach and experiences based in nature and self-exploration, inspired by the belief that awareness of self and the living world is a fundamental step in creating a more peaceful, loving world.
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