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We are here!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

We are here. Online. We’re a little scared. We are much more used to being in the pasture, surrounded by goats.

Yet we ARE here.

We are present. We are a bit wary, but also excited. We’ve been thinking on this for so long, wondering and wavering. But, it’s time. We’re ready to share with you, the world, anyone and everyone, how much love we feel, how much magic we have discovered, how much peace we find in this 5.3 acres we call OakHaven Farm {Goat} Sanctuary.

We’ll be telling stories. Sharing the daily life, the magic, the murmurs and whispers, the whimsy and the necessary. We’ll be inviting you in, whether you are miles away or just next door.

We hope you’ll visit us here, in this virtual space, as well as make plans to visit us in person. We want to build more love here. Collect more magic. Find more beauty. Cry. Laugh. Dance with goats. Soften into being.

You are part of the collective magic. Welcome.

Angelina Bellebuono

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